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With the coming age of “smarter” living, productivity and entertainment are becoming crucial factors that consumers look for: thus palm-sized pocket projector becomes a great choice for oneself or for the family or friend gatherings. Through the pocket projector and its high spec input interface, connecting to PS3 or Xbox360 video game consoles only needs 1 meter of distance, can see 30'' display, allows oneself to be immersed in the virtual reality: enjoying the feeling of wars and conquers, whether from the movies, animations or sports games.
Further, Pocket Projectors are handy, light-weight tools for the businessmen. The pocket projectors make carrying presentation equipments a breeze, and can also increase office productivity. Making a good business presentation is a crucial factor in determining the success of a business proposal; especially in presenting clear text and images, form and voices, allowing all members in the meeting to easily comprehend presentation materials. In this scenario, pocket projector is the ideal choice, bringing utmost convenience beyond imagination.

‧Smart Phone:(TV out)
‧Game Station:XBOX360,Wii,PS3,TV Game
‧PMP(Portable Media Player):MP4 Player
‧DVD Player